Bram Stoker quotes

Literary great Bram Stoker is best known for his Gothic masterpiece Dracula. Many of Stoker’s most memorable quotes come from his famous novel, but the Irish author also produced several other works that include various novels spanning multiple genres, short stories, articles, and works of non-fiction.

His varied prose and vast published collection are extremely varied and are quoted for multiple reasons. As one of the pioneers of the gothic horror genre, Stoker is turned to for daring and noteworthy writings that spark a sense of intrigue and outrage, and he’s an exceedingly popular figure with literature students around the world.

Bram Stoker quotes from the author of Dracula

  • No one but a woman can help a man when he is in trouble of the heart.

  • Though sympathy can’t alter facts, it can help to make them more bearable.

  • Whether it is the old lady's fear, or the many ghostly traditions of this place, or the crucifix itself, I do not know, but I am not feeling nearly as easy in my mind as usual.

  • Faith ... that faculty which enables us to believe things which we know to be untrue.

  • A brave man’s hand can speak for itself, it does not even need a woman’s love to hear its music.

  • We learn from failure, not from success!

  • She is one of God's women fashioned by His own hand to show us men and other women that there is a heaven where we can enter, and that its light can be here on earth.

  • I sometimes think we must be all mad and that we shall wake to sanity in strait-waistcoats.

  • I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air.

  • She was young and very beautiful, but pale, like the grey pallor of death.

  • Remember my friend, that knowledge is stronger than memory, and we should not trust the weaker.

  • There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.

  • There are darknesses in life, and there are lights; you are one of the lights.

  • Does that city create its citizens, or is the city only a dream of its citizens.

  • How good and thoughtful he is; the world seems full of good men--even if there are monsters in it.

  • Ordinary men, to whom all things are possible, don't often, if ever, think of Heaven. It is a name, and nothing more, and they are content to wait and let things be, but to those who are doomed to be shut out for ever you cannot think what it means, you cannot guess or measure the terrible endless longing to see the gates opened, and to be able to join the white figures within.

  • Despair has its own calms.

  • There is a method in his madness, and the rudimentary idea in my mind is growing. It will be a whole idea soon, and then, oh, unconscious cerebration.