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My name is Zoltan Roth. I am the owner and creator of https://www.i-love-motivational-quotes.org/. Throughout my life, I have had a love of motivational quotes and inspirational sayings, which I repeatedly seek in times of challenge or struggle. Just like everyone, I experience my share of both good days and bad days. On those days when I need some wisdom, advice, or extra encouragement, I turn to the words of some of my favorite motivational speakers, literary figures, and historical icons.

I have manually built this website as a place to provide inspiration and insights to keep in your heart and mind when you need them most, and I have personally selected and cultivated my collections of quotes in an ongoing effort to spread peace, love, and encouragement. I have taken special time to ensure that each section of my site contains quotes that are relevant to the needs of each of my visitors, and have put the ultimate care in finding quotes and sayings that I believe will be most relevant to their feelings, personal needs, and special occasions. Please feel free to use them to build your own collection of favorite sayings and quotes, keep them close at hand or write them down, and repeat them as needed throughout your daily life.

It is my goal to give you a reason to smile, laugh, or share a special greeting with a loved one, and I have worked to build my collection of quotes to include many different categories. Whether you are looking for advice from a revered author or scientist, a philanthropist, or you simply need some inspiration to make a special birthday or anniversary card for a family member, you can find what you are looking for by searching my website.

My site has funny quotes if you are in need of a good laugh, quotes to help you build your self-confidence and motivation, and quotes from some of the most well-known figures of modern times, such as Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Michelle Obama, Paulo Coelho and Anthony Robbins to name a few. There are also quotes from famous authors, playwrights, and poets, whose quotes offer different takes on life in eras gone past. You will find everything you need on my website, together in one place.

Sometimes, especially when we feel isolated or alone, and aren’t able to visit with our most treasured loved ones, feelings of loneliness can make it difficult to get through the day with a genuine smile on our faces. My goal is to treat every visitor to my site as a friend, to give them a sense of hope and trust in the world, even when their personal circumstances may not seem so bright. Struggles, challenges, and setbacks happen even to the most successful people in the world, and you can use their words of wisdom and experience to apply to your life to reach your own version of success.

Quotes are extremely powerful, and can provide you with the special sense of inner peace needed to refocus your mind on what is truly important to you. You will gain the motivation you need to rise to meet new challenges, and will eventually make it to the other side where your hopes and dreams can be achieved.
Search my extensive collection for free, and begin building your own collection of treasured quotes, sayings, and inspirational messages today.

Life is a wonderful journey. Enjoy it my friend!