Rug Cleaning Process in London

With the expensive price of carpets and rugs nowadays, it is necessary for us to take care of this precious investment. Anyone who has a designer rug or carpet wants to lengthen its lifespan. Carpets bring a lively and elegant room pleasing to the eyes. The primary step we can do is to look for a professional carpet or rug cleaning company who provides an utmost care to our valuable carpets like how we treat them.

Depending on the construction of your carpet, the professional rug cleaner ensures that the appropriate cleaning solution is used during the cleaning process. They are knowledgeable and can determine if the carpet is prone to dye bleeding during the full immersion process.

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Full immersion rug cleaning process is the best method after the strict inspection. It is an effective and safe cleaning method that takes care of the color and design of your carpet. The next step is dusting which removes dry soil on the surface of the carpet. This is very important to prevent the soil from mixing into the cleaning solution during the immersion process. The cleaning solution is a mixture of water and special cleaning detergent safe and gentle for the fiber of the carpet.

After the cleaner perfectly removes the dust from it, he will then check if the pet urine is also present in the carpet. He uses a different method, in this case, to prevent the odor of the urine from mixing into the cleaning solution as well.
As one of the most important procedure, full immersion rug cleaning is done. Through mixing the water and the cleaning solution, the carpet is soaked to absorb it easily.

The cleaning solution penetrates deeply on the surface of the carpet so bacteria and dirt residues are perfectly removed. The cleaner also uses a specialized brush to scrub the carpet gently. It is safe to use and will not leave any scratches or marks on the fibers. After the immersion process, the carpet is thoroughly rinsed. This is to make sure that there are no cleaning solution residues left on the carpet. If rinsed improperly, the detergents may also make the fibers look dull and stiff. The cleaner strictly rinses the carpet to deliver a perfect result when it dries up.

At the drying process, the carpet is hung on a special drying system facility. There is no pressure applied to dry it no matter the process is sped up. After it completely dries up, the cleaner ensures that the carpet is well-groomed by checking if there are shrinkage or degradation in some areas of the carpet. Until the final process, it is still maintained to be safe against any damage.

It is not just important to clean the carpet, but it is also needed to ensure its color is maintained without any traces of fading. The fibers should also stay smooth and free from frizz. This step is important so you get satisfied with the complete service provided by your reliable carpet cleaning company.